Monday, 30 April 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

#1 my art

 i love art
even i know my creativity not really creative like person outside there


first trial


p/s : boleh tak kalau aku cakap, art is more fun than accounting? he he he

Blessing Friday


thank you Allah
today is Friday
today is Friday

and on  this blessing moments
one of staff at my department
prepared a simple breakfast us

and yes
its makan-makan again
second time for this week

the breakfast meals for mas family 

hot nescafe

rezeki buah kurma. directly form tanah suci from one of family here.

the committee which very committed in arrange the meals

and the last picture

its mine! its mine!!
nescafe panas, nasi lemak, kuih koci, karipap, kurma, sandwich, kasuwi, kek coklat and banana..

only available in malaysia airlines,
1st floor, MAS complex A,
finance business support and credit operation department

p/s : program nak berdiet memang da terpesong jauh ni...har har har har
p/s/s : semoga kak sal dan keluarga selamat pergi and kembali dalam mengerjakan umrah beliau..

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


people said...

life is too short to hidden feeling. Don't be afraid to tell people how you feel.
Or else you never know if they feel the same


Admit it. You care about too many people who would never care about you

it's difficult to let go. Especially when you've been holding on so tightly for so long

Posting to MASwing


saja nak update
masih perihal tempat praktikal

one of mas staff 
will be posting to MASwing Sarawak starting earlier of May if not mistake
its a good news for her
since her hubby was there

we had a small celebration for her
even I'm not close to her
i still feel the sad feeling
but, as what i had go through since three months ago
I know she very good one
everyone like want to cry

biar gambar lah menceritakan semua

the cutest sista in credit operations department

while senior manager gave a cheque to her.
( please say the card is cute too.. >_< )
lunch time!!!!
ok, more details : free lunch

we as practical trainee
create the memory into picture first
he he he he

the best part was

# Wordless Wednesday 7

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Popeye at Sunway Pyramid


lamanya tidak ber-entry baru

last Tuesday
me and my supervisor had decided to have a lunch at Sunway Pyramid

sudah hidup di subang around 3 months
and i just know SP it just taken a few minutes to be there -.-"

the main point story is about the lunch
more specific
 we choose to fill our stomach at Popeye

anyone have a try at popeye at SP?
how was it?
the taste is good?
the price is equally with the meals?
how many star you will give to them?

 not really like this picture because the nuggets look big -.-"
actually it just a small nuggets.
so, i think there were five nuggets on the box
 and you can only eat in five bites.

and the thing make me "amazed" is

expensive for me

p/s : McD, KFC is better
p/s/s : ok..ok..ok..popeye's mashed potato not bad. sedap!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

blessing friday :')

still don't have suitable time to write about simulator visit
and today
on blessing blessing Friday
we as practical trainee at Malaysia Airlines
received the mail


have a good weekend everyone

p/s : "hari-hari nampak airplane parking tunggu si engineer tuk repair,
hari-hari kena dengar bunyi  airplane yang bising
tapi kan....
hari-hari hati ni rasa tenang je

p/s/s : itu fb status semalam :')

Monday, 2 April 2012


awesome experience about airlines simulator
yes, malaysia airlines simulator


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