Saturday, 31 December 2011


try to listen this instruments
its being replay and replay
and keep replay on my DELL since last night


the melody was  infatuated

the melody 
was so deeply touch my heart
was a strength that being presenting through music
was full of love-emotion

make me melting
 make me dream until mars
make me wanna run there to get you
make me to scream and say " hey there, i'm exist "

at the same time,

the melody 
cause me cried
caused me to think about sadness
caused me to missing someone
caused me to put a hope that I cross your mind at least once,
 because then I won't feel so pathetic for thinking about you all the time.

Life is like writing with a pen. 
we can cross out our past but we can't erase it.
 All we've got to do is move on.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

This is about us

different races,
Malay, Sarawakian, Siamese

different religion,
Muslims, Christian, Buddhism

different celebration,
Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year

different language,
Malay, mandarin, Sarawak Language, Siam

different states,
Selangor, Johor , Sarawak, Kedah

different people,
different intellectual,

this is about us
this is about friendship

thank you so much
getting close at finale semester
maybe a little bit late knowing each other
but, its better late than never


Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Without respect, love is lost. 

Without caring, love is boring. 

Without honesty, love is unhappy. 

Without trust, love is unstable.

p/s :

Monday, 26 December 2011


a strong girl is the one who is able to smile in the morning
like she was not crying last night

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


in relationship,
honesty and trust must exist.

if they don't,
there's no point of loving.

if you can't afford to be honest and trust,
stay single.

its the best way, anyway...


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


do you know what FRIENDS are meaning for??
(F) - fight for/with you
(R) - Respect you
(I)  - Involve you
(E) - Encourage you
(N)- Need you
(D) - Deserve you
(S) - Save you

; )

Monday, 19 December 2011


girls fact:

you really can't deny when you are in love.
no matter what you do,
even if you try not to be affected,
you just CAN'T.
love can never lie


silence is a girl`s loudest cry.
you can always tell she's really hurt when she starts ignoring you

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Missing you is my hobby,
caring for you is my job,
making you happy is my duty
loving you is my life ♥

Saturday, 17 December 2011

tears and smiles


tears are a sign of unspoken happiness
and a smile is sign of silent pain

Friday, 16 December 2011

21 years from now

Question  : Where do you see yourself 21 years from now?

A             : I already have my accounting firm
B             : Maybe that time i have my second honey moon with my hubby for our 20th anniversary
C             : I`m one of board of director for biggest company in this country
Ivana       : I see myself being older but young at heart 


Thursday, 15 December 2011


falling in love with you was never an option

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


berkata serta bertindak
lumrah manusia biasa
berkata serta bertindak bersama minda
adakah lumrah manusia biasa?

Monday, 12 December 2011


kepenatan akan suatu perjalanan
kerna kita sendiri ketandusan arah mana yang ingin di tuju

Sunday, 11 December 2011


hidup ni macam masakan

kadang-kadang cukup rasa
kadang-kadang hangit
kadang-kadang masin
kadang-kadang manis

tiada pilihan, kena telan juga

Monday, 28 November 2011


its so long time didn't update this blog
salam maal hijrah for everyone


just wanna share
to my self and you

If you want to be strong, be patient, thoughtful and understanding. Anyone can be rude, but it takes real strength to be kind and polite. 

If you want to be strong, be persistent. Enduring strength does not come in an instant, but is steadily built over time. 

If you want to be strong, get in the habit of taking action. The strongest people are those who act while others only talk or wish. 

If you want to be strong, be humble. Put your focus on doing, rather than worrying about getting credit. 

If you want to be strong, be joyful. When you enjoy what you're doing, you are far more effective. 

If you want to be strong, be yourself. The real strength you have is in the authentic person you are. 

p/s : perlu ker pergi ke kelas sedangkan keluarga di selangor sedang bercuti pada hari isnin ?? -,-"

Thursday, 10 November 2011


last night while in the car
i got called from my cousin
her voice tooooooo excited like wanna share something


hello assalamualaikum

 wsalam, kak long kat mana?

kat kereta, dengan cik am..

oooo...kak long pergi mana?

:tadi kak long temankan cik am pergi kampung , celcom pastu terus pergi jusco. adah, da dapat belum keputusan exam science?

ada, dapat 86%. kak long, tadi kan sekolah pagi kita dapat surat.

surat apa?

kita baca eh. assaalamualaikum tuan/puan. majlis penyampaian anugerah cemerlang tahun 2011. adalah dimaklumkan anak tuan puan NURSYUHADAH telah terpilih untuk menerima anugerah cemerlang tahun 2011 bla bla bla bla bla

:fuyoooooohhh..pandai la adah. agak-agaknya kan adah dapat nombor satu kot.. adah nak hadiah apa ni dari kak long?

he he he tak kesah,apa-apa pun boleh

really happy for her
super-duper happy
yes, i`m still happy

her last birthday
cake sponsored by kak long

and got some advice to her

"adah, nanti suruh bonda dengan ayahanda mintak cuti tau, bonda kena tengaok adah naik pentas. ingat tau, suruh bonda mintak cuti awal-awal tuk 16 november ni"

at the end of conversation
i ask something to her

"adah, aritu hari jadi ayahanda, adah bagi apa?"

"kita tak bagi apa-apa pun. kita cuma bagi semua keputusan-keputusan exam kita je..."


really happy for her.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011




Sunday, 6 November 2011



tomorrow is hari raya aidil-adha
i wish to my muslim friend
selamat hari raya
you are invited to come on 2nd day of hari raya
at Jalan Kenangan, Kapar

its around 4:24 am
i cant sleep at all
i do not know why
maybe because tomorrow I want to visit my
love atuk and emak 
last visit is hari raya aidilfitri

really miss them especially emak
may Allah blessing both of you there


You were there to light my day
You were there to guide me through
From my days down and on
I'll never stop thinking of you

How can i forget all that
When you're the one who make me smile
You'll always be a part of me
How i wish you were still mine

Never will forget the day
How we've met and came this far
We all know we got this feeling
But somehow it has to end up here

I know its me who said goodbye
And that's the hardest thing to do
Cause you mean so much to me
And guide the truth from me to you

For all the things i've done and said
For all the hurt that i've caused you
I hope you will forgive me baby
Cause that wasn't what i meant to do

You were there to light my day
You were there to guide me through
From my days down and on
I'll never stop thinking of you

How can i forget all that
When you're the one who make me smile
You'll always be a part of me
How i wish you were still mine

For all the things i've done and said
For all the hurt that i've caused you
I hope you will forgive me baby
Cause that wasn't what i meant to do

You were there to light my day
You were there to guide me through
From my days down and on
I'll never stop thinking of you

How can i forget all that
When you're the one who make me smile
You'll always be a part of me
How i wish you were still mine

Thursday, 3 November 2011


hey there
assalamualaikum and very good evening
today i would like to present
yes, criticism
based on the definition in wikipedia
criticism was defined as a judgement of the merits and faults of the work or action of an individual or group by another
sound really serious huh??

what the hell are you doing?
do you think its time for you to make some presentation like your financial analysis??


just making light and easy to understand guys

based on the tittle + picture above
criticism is really familiar surrounding us
its everywhere
its every-time
its everything
either between

man and women
school and college
office and house
day and night
summer and winter

some a few example(s)

man : weiii, awat MU malam tu..depa ni main bola ka tengok ja bola tu masuk gol?

girl : eeeeeewwwwww~~~~ thats was petaling-street handbag okeyhh.. i really know it!!

kids : mom, this homework very hard..i`m dying..i`m dying...

*they are make some judgement towards the topic that appear in their mind, action and eyes *

how you want to overcome this matter?


sometimes people will feel the criticism as the offensive. 
i said sometimes. actually it still depend on how your mind work on regarding the matter. if you really open your mind and accept it as a step to making some improvement definitely you will accept the criticism.
 examples if you present final task, if someone give some criticism, think about it, throw away your ego, accept the criticism and its nearly the improvement 


firstly you must know the background/characteristic of the person who gonna critic you.
then from that you can decide with yourself,
 either want to accept the critics or not.
examples such as you must accept the criticism form chef or professional cooker regarding the meal
and you can just ignore the criticism 
from those person who never cook and come in to kitchen only for bfast/lunch/dinner purpose


its better for you to think for a while about the critics.
the critics it come from your friend or you enemy?
should i really take seriously or just take it easy?
if so, what should i do?


if you really think that the critics really good for your current situation or future, what are you waiting for?
make some changing to make a better thing
doing some research, enhance you knowledge
asking others opinion
but please remember, you must sincere and honest towards your action 

that's it
just share
because people said
sharing is caring
selamat hari raya Qurban

p/s : please drop how well you handle the criticism at comment below there ya

Thursday, 20 October 2011


lirik lagu hujan ni agak-agak menyentuh jiwa
lagi-lagi bila baru ja kena marah
padahal rasanya benda itu sangat kecil
tapi memang agak tersentap

sambil-sambil mendengar lagu
sambil-sambil menonton video
sambil-sambil mengeja segala lirik
sambil-sambil hujan yang sedang berderaian di luar bilik


Aku Yang Asing - Hujan

wangi kau lalu
wangi bagaikan oh bunga

kau tak kenali
aku yang selalu perhatikanmu
berseri bagaikan bintang
ku tak mahu
kau kan hilang di waktu siang
biar pun aku yang asing

selalu memikirkanmu
ku percaya cinta
itu memang buta

harap kau sudi mendengar
deruan janji jiwaku
melalui lagu ini
ohhh untukmu

Tuesday, 11 October 2011



**aku sememangnya terlalu naif dalam perihal ini, tapi aku ingin berkongsi bersama akan perihal ini**

apakah itu rezeki?
percaya-kah anda setiap orang ada rezeki masing-masing?
percaya-kah anda bahawa setiap rezeki itu adalah hasil usaha kita sendiri?
percaya-kah anda bahawa ALLAH sememangnya memegang kuasa mandatory terhadap pemberian rezeki itu kepada setiap hambanya?

rezeki ini sebenarnya umpama seperti nasi yang kita makan setiap hari

benih >  padi >   petani >   pengilang >   beras>   pembekal >   peruncit >   peniaga >   kita
setiap individu diatas ada rezeki masing-masing bukan ?

adakalanya rezeki yang kita peroleh itu mungkin sebenarnya rezeki orang lain tapi kita dulu yang merasa
seperti ibu yang sedang mengandungkan anaknya
ibu akan makan dahulu sebelum anak di dalam perut itu merasa kenikmatan rezeki Tuhan

dalam rezeki orang kaya mungkin ada rezeki orang miskin
dalam rezeki si suami mungkin ada rezeki si isteri
dalam rezeki si ibu, mungkin ada rezeki si anak
dalam rezeki si anak mungkin ada rezeki ibu ayah

maka, siapa kita jika mahu mempersoalkan sesuatu rezeki itu
apatah lagi perihal rezeki orang lain
lambat atau cepat insyaAllah, tetap ada rezeki untuk kita

kadang-kadang aku sedikit terasa pabila orang berkata

" hang tak pa lah, hang budak scholar, duit banyak masuk, tak macam kitaorang "


ia bukan nya rezeki yang jatuh ke riba
ia bukan nya rezeki seperti lucky draw
ia bukan nya rezeki seperti "eh, saya nak pilih awk la, saja suka-suka"
ia bukan nya rezeki yang memakan masa hanya sehari
ia bukan nya rezeki tanpa usaha
ia bukan nya rezeki sekadar duduk bergoyang kaki

itu rezeki Allah
itu rezeki STPM 2007
itu rezeki zaman kejatuhan SPM 2005
itu rezeki aku berjuang di tingkatan enam pabila semua kawan-kawan telah ke IPTA
itu rezeki aku bila tidak ada satu pun IPTA terima aku sebagai pelajar diploma mereka
itu rezeki aku pabila orang kata "owh..tak dapat mana-mana offer"
itu rezeki ibu abah yang sanggup hantar ke tuisyen dari lower six hingga ke hari STPM
itu rezeki ibu abah aku yang hantar aku kesekolah di awal 6.30 pagi
itu rezeki aku yang sampai ke rumah pada waktu petang atau malam hari
itu rezeki aku bila pertama kali dapat biasiswa


percaya lah bahawa setiap hambaNya ada rezeki masing-masing
tetapi sebagai hambaNya juga harus lah berusaha untuk mencapai sesuatu perkara itu
satu ayat yang aku tetap pegang sehingga kini

"kalau aku tak tolong diri aku sendiri, kau rasa Allah nak tolong kau tak?"


*adakah entry ini terlalu ber-emosi?*

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